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Soft Silicone Shower Brush

Soft Silicone Shower Brush

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Pet Bath Massage Brush - BUY 3 GET 2 FREE Green-Buy 1 Only in 2022 | Pets,  Dog cleaning, Pet shampoo

Soft Silicone Material

Our dog bath brush is made of food-grade silicone, which has the advantage of high-temperature resistance, easy to clean, and quick drying. Our silicone rubber bath brush can provide a good interaction for you and your dog or cat to massage their skin, remove dust, and loosen and remove hair.

Convenient to Use

The special non-slip hand-grip design of this dog cat shower hair removal comb offers you a comfortable grip when showering with your dog. Just squeeze lightly and the shampoo can come out easily, which is quite convenient and saves more pet shampoo.

Comfortable Massage Feeling

With a shampoo dispensing design, the dog massage brush can not only provide quick and thorough washing for your pets but also massage the skin to improve blood circulation. This pet brush can give your pet a very comfortable bathing experience.

Portable Puppy Brush

Lightweight design, the weight of this dog and cat grooming brush is only 85g, and the size is just a palm to fully grasp. Even if you fill the container with shampoo, you won't feel the slightest pressure, so you can better help your dog.

Quick Drying & Space Saving

A hanging hole design allows the multifunctional dog grooming brush to be easily hung to dry after use, saving space. However, pour off excess water and show gel to prevent soap from escaping.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Edythe Leannon

Cool thing, comfortable.

Nigel Casper

Everything came on time, soft, pleasant. I liked it, but the dog does not understand anything yet)

Dayton Grady

I haven't been in the case yet, there's not a big marriage.

Merle Rowe

I got the order. Looks good. I haven't used it yet. To the touch is pleasant and gentle. I think for washing the Sphinx will be the most it!

Zita Funk

The brush is very soft I don't know how it will work because I haven't tried it yet but it looks good