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The Ball Runner

The Ball Runner

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Meet our new interactive toy for your Cat, and also for your Dog, The Ball Runner.
It's a Self Rotating Colorful Ball with a USB charger, that will keep your pet Entertained and healthy while You are not home.
After charging, press and hold the switch to start and let the ball do the work, no additional help is required.



LED indicator: easier for your pet to keep track of the ball and for you too, especially at night.

Easy climbing: climbs over right angle obstacles, thresholds, sliding rails, high carpets, and in the case of a wall or big obstacles, the ball will automatically change direction.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Rae Powlowski

The toy is super, it runs, it stops, it stops, it runs again, there is USB-charging) the cat has not yet appreciated, but it's a joke)

Cedrick Price

Love it ^.^

Albina Beahan

It does make a lot of noise. Only one of my cats plays with it, the other one is scared by the noise :’)

Lisa Boyer

Thank you delivery fast everything corresponds to the seller's description I recommend

Dudley Jenkins

Cat Toy interested. To turn on, you need to press the button and throw on the floor necessarily